Episode 13: Erin & MeLissa Go Digital

Welcome to 2009!

It’s already off to a great start and Erin & I are so excited to show you guys what we have in store for the new year.

Things to point out:
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So let’s get to the episode. We hope you like the makeovers…
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Episode 12: New Year, New You

Erin & MeLissa Show: Episode 12 – New Year, New You from Erin & MeLissa Show on Vimeo.

Sorry this is so late! We were busy getting ready for the New Year, and brushing up on our self-defense skills. You never know when you’re going to walk into a convenience store and walk out a trained assassin.

This episode covers our New Years resolutions… what are yours?

  • Stop smoking?
  • Join the Ipod nation?
  • Learn Mandarin Chinese?
  • Stop dating country singers?

We’re not here to judge.

Episode 11 – All I Want For Christmas

Erin & MeLissa Show: Episode 11 – All I Want For Christmas from Erin & MeLissa Show on Vimeo.

Erin and MeLissa share their wish lists for this holiday season with fans!
Things to expect in this episode:
-Name dropping
-Keebler elves
-Christmas cheer
-Barack Obama

Merry Christmas from our home in Nashville to your home somewhere in the world! Thanks to everyone for getting excited and getting behind us for this crazy project. We’re very excited to show you all the stuff we’ve been working on! 2009 promises to be a good one, but I won’t give away too much. Check next back next week and make sure you’re telling friends about erinandmelissa.com.

Merry Christmas!

Episode 10 – Christmas, Party of 1

Erin & MeLissa Show: Episode 10 – Christmas, Party of 1 from Erin & MeLissa Show on Vimeo.

It’s Tuesday and we’re glad to see you here at our new home base!

Things you’ll find in tonight’s episode:

  • Dazzling costumes
  • The Gosselin sextuplets
  • A dazzling Christmas set
  • A coupon good at all official Mac stores

Or at least 50% of those things.

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Hey guys!!!

Erin and I are so glad to welcome you to our brand spankin’ new website. We figured it makes both a good present to us and you, but mostly us. All our original episodes are on here, but from now on, we hope this will be your Tuesday evening destination!

TO everyone who helped with this project (especially Adam Crocker and Scott Crews, with a little bit of pixie dust from Brandon Gilbert) know that we are forever indebted to you and if we ever have large amounts of something (like money, or Princess House serving ware) know that it’s coming your way (at least a butter dish worth of thanks).

So make sure to invite a friend. It’s pretty easy: www.erinandmelissa.com

Look around, check it out. Let us know what you think! You know how to get a hold of us. If not, check out the contact page and send us an email to our new email addresses!

There are lots of fun things happening around here, and tomorrow is part three of our month long holiday episode (it’s a KNOCK-OUT!) but we did take a moment to record a bonus video to welcome you guys here today. Enjoy!

Erin & MeLissa Show: Bonus Video – The First Date from Erin & MeLissa Show on Vimeo.