Missing #GroupText? Check out Oh Dear God

Missing GroupText?
We get it. It’s fun. We’re fun. Our friends are fun.
We’ve decided to take a break for something important.

We are releasing a short podcast series called Oh Dear God. It is a 9-part series about religion and the American Church. We’ve asked our guests to tell their story and write a letter to the church. A letter that encourages. A letter that shares hurts. A letter meant to help.

It’s a different kind of Erin and MeLissa project and at the same time, it is not at all. It’s just our kind of project. So check it out. Share it with a friend.

Episode are on iTunes and Stitcher.
We’re on Twitter and Instagram too.
If  you have a question, thoughts or a letter to share, you can send it anonymously on our website or email it to us directly.

We thank you. We love you.